Sunday, January 17, 2016

Travel Tips: Universal Studio Singapore

I was very excited when I went there and add tons of pictures on my previous entry. Sorry if that load too long. You would understand how crazy excited I was being there. 

So, this is my tips or more like a reminder if I want to go to another awesome amusement park. 

1. Wear comfortable shoes 
It's an obvious tip since USS is huge park and I'm telling you, every corner need to be explore and you will end up walking more than your entire life put together. 

obviously, not this.. though you might have my salute for having an extraordinary spine and legs.


2. Bring Flip/Flops
If you planning to go to Rapid Challenge ride, you need sandals/flip flop. It's gonna get real wet. 


3. Bring Raincoat
Following above, you need to get yourself a raincoat. You can purchase it there but I suggest bring your own. Raincoats are always useful anyway.

4. Bring extra clothes and pants 
Just one extra shirt and pants. Or just shirt since it is not fun to walk around with wet shirt. If you want to skip it, its up to you since USS is pretty warm and you will walk around a lot so you will dry faster. 


5. Water bottle 
USS has water dispenser. Such a mvp! So no need to buy drinks from there. Save!

6. Talking about pants. 
Try to use comfy pants and with pockets. Why? to put some $4 in the pocket just in case you exceed the amount time for locker. (It happened to me and I have to asked some guy for his money, *embarassed*)

7. Sunscreen and mini fan. 
Yes, scorcing sun and skin burn are not cool. Protect yourself. 

8. Tie your hair 
This is totally up to you. You can let it down if you want but I was glad I tied it up since I sweat a lot and I am sure if you spend half a day there. Things can get real sweaty. 

I've done crown braid on my whole head.  Messy but it hold the hair quite well on rides. 

9. Go for rides first, take pics later. 
Reason, when you ride all the rides at the park first thing, you have plenty of time to take nice pic afterwards. 

10. Single ride lane. 
Use it! It save more time and no, it doesn't look that sad. 


Have fun at USS!! 


{Image Heavy} 2015 Trip : Universal Studio Singapore

28th November 2015

I had FUN! Can I leave it like that and let you figure out the rest of the adventure yourself? {insert evil laugh}

It was fun I tell you. I was alone and I was actually a bit sad when I had to go home. Lol.. Overdramatic. I was there since it open at 10 am and closed at 6pm. Its official. I felt I was working there. By the end of the day, my feet had a blister from too much walking. 

Certain rides has single rider and I kinda cut the que a bit .. so I dont feel left out. heheh. It was considerate of them. The good thing about Singapore is they are considerate. why cant Malaysia has put your bag down in the train kinda sticker? It even has stroller parking. Cute. 

The whole park was beautiful.. I have a thing for artificial towns.  

 Rides I did: 
Battlestar Galatica Human 
Battlestar Galactica Cyclon 

These two rides are intertwine. How cool is that?!! 


Revenge of the mummy - twice!

Anck- Su- Namun making an appearance. She does have Resting Bitch Face and she earned it.. well.. she actually deserved it. She's Anck- Su- Namun! 

Puss in boots journey 

There was a dance routine between Puss and Boots and Kitty Softpaws while I was eating an ice cream. 

King Julien's  Beach Party- Go- Round 

Don't judge I really like the ride with King Julien sang " I like to move it,  move it"



Shrek 3D Adventure

Unfortunately I didn't took any picture inside but I have from outside the Far Far Away castle. 

'Raleway', sans-serif

Live Show 
Live Action by Steven Spielberg 

Sesame Street When I grow up 

Donkey Live Comedy Show 

This guy is funny. I truly enjoyed the show. 


It was a great show. I am in awe really. I truly feel sorry for their loss of one of their stuntman Mr. John Denley Nelson 

As you can see, I did The Mummy ride twice! It was my favorite ride in USS!

I didn't go to Rapid Challenge though. It was wet but if my sister comes along next time, I'll probably go with her. 

For food, I had fish and chip for $10 and Corn dog $4. Taste was ok,  I guess I don't have any complaint though I love the corn dog more. 

It is great thing to buy if it is on weekends. Oh you will want to buy some of the merchandise so be prepared the money! I didn't buy any.. no budget for it.. *sigh* Next round! I can't wait for my sister to experience it. 

I bought the tickets online for RM 191, this was under Maybank promotion that was on the website. I am pretty sure they are a lot of other promotion, just keep your eyes open. 

Sorry for bombarding you guys with tons of spoilers to USS. I hope this will get you inspired to go there.. I hope. I had fun and I was alone. Imagine with friends that are crazy with you. It will get double triple the fun with at least 2000 pictures of selfie and wefie. I betcha! 

Here are more image of this "magnifique" place. 

Hollywood Boulevard 

View from New York 

Jurassic Parks

Have fun!