Friday, November 6, 2015

What I Realized When I Used Dating Apps....

Only recently I actively join few dating apps and though  I am relatively new and somewhat leads me to my "adult adventure" (not that I complaint), I realized something in dating apps so far.....

1. I realized I am shallow. I do not chat or swipe right if I am do not see that guy attractive/ handsome in my eyes.

2. I realized I am a racist on some people. err, sorry?

3. I realized ghosting has become my middle name.

4. I realized that being best version of you and impress people are damn tiring.

5. I realized that this dating apps do makes you more depress.

6. I realized that as a women, I have tons of power to make these poor man feel useless and rejected.

7. I realized that as a women also makes other women feel to feel ok to flash your fucking boobs to me, your point is?

8. I realized fake profiles are too many and hence, other guys feel I am not real too. err, I don't know if this a compliment or you guys has been burned way too many.

9. I realized that I can be fucking bitch to certain people and having a conversation brawl is actually fun.

10. I realized that at the end I do want guys to know me who I really am than another face on dating profile.

Whining much? Obviously. Not everyone found love and not everyone needs love. 

We just merely wants connections. It is easy to talk to stranger than person next to you. It is easy to connect to person who basically no idea your psycho phase and all that, we all want people to listen. 

As we speak, I deleting my dating apps for now. I am heartbroken. It is true and silly. 


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