Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 Trip: Universal Studio Singapore

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I have one week leave from work and I have to admit, this is not planned that thorough. Originally, I wanted to go to Bangkok and Hua Hin and get my ass to the sand but then the tickets are expensive….

My colleague was suggesting USS. Since she bailed out cause of passport issue, I was contemplating on going USS alone last weekend. 

Hotel. <345MYR at 5footway.inn Chinatown> Check
USS entrance ticket <$64 Maybank Promotion MYR191>. Check. 
Return Bus Ticket. Check. <MYR 140 KL to Singapore by First Coach> Check

Since this is my first time rendezvous in amusement park alone, I am pretty excited. At least I am going somewhere! yay! 

I’ll update tomorrow when shit is really going down. 

Love, SS

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