Thursday, November 12, 2015


In normal world, we learn life through books & experiences. We been through one  experience and tell others about it and they too made the assumption that it could be true, the ultimate truth and ultimate lie (cynical type).  

Here comes internet, World Wide Web that whatever your heart desire, having doubts and millions of questions, internet can provide  instant comfort and instant confusion at the same time. 

I too fallen for this. I like a guy, we text and stop. What happened? 

There are probability thousands of articles “What if he doesn’t text back?” “Decoding Text from Men"  bla bla bla.. you get the hint. 

And my conclusion, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. STOP OBSESSING! Just put the god damn phone and do your life. ( A constant reminder for me too)  

All of the articles send the same message, MOVE ON. 

Some of them gave some tips and tricks but all sound manipulative to me. 


It’s confusing enough being alive, heard and see weird things (thanks, 9gag), So just enjoy the ride of singlehood. Yes, this is my choice. 



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