Monday, November 9, 2015

Oh No! I didn't!

Ok, I was having an episode last weekend. Nervous Breakdown. It wasn't funny. At. All. My chest was running like speedy Gonzales and my brain feels like an alien controlling it. 

I was total BITCH from the worse neighborhood from KL back to the States. That is like 10,000 miles bitch fest to you.

No one really knows about it. It is not something you can tell ppl unless you want them to think you are a nutcase. 

It doesn't matter since I brush that shit off real quick .(or am I?) . Sorry, dudes.

I keep ruin things, is it? *Face palm* 

Now I will drown myself with cereal and milk but it is oat and honey cereal. Adult Cereal cause I am cool adult. 

For the record, I re-install the dating apps but now I know exactly what I wanted and fiercely I will get what I want. {insert evil kid laugh}


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