Monday, November 16, 2015

It Is Only Words, Right?

The quote above hits me because it happened to me now.

It is only texts, right? Nothing more than bunch of words, sentences and exclamations to get the other person understand,  connected and close to us hence no matter how much I want to forget and to think it was only a text and nothing more, I feel attached.  I feel connected, a bond and I felt the feeling I lost before.

Of course, I get too overwhelmed and blew it off. Perhaps I should blew it off. Now I keep telling myself, “It wasn’t meant to be at first place”.
The other person clearly stated his intention and I know his nature of work is not stable for relationship.

He was kind though and charming too. He took what left of my heart and open it bit by bit, simply by being a bit naughty, aloof and interested with my life, my interest and just simply entertain my silliness.

He did has mercy when he did not reply to my messages that I sent occasionally in few days, just a simple Hi.Nothing more and nothing less, and he was kind. Kind not reply me back. You can say he is ghosting me but for some odd reason, I glad he did.



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