Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is It Worth It?

How many times in your life would you ask yourself "is it worth it?" 
Is it worth it to get his attention? 
Is it worth it to get that cheesy
crust pizza? 
Is it worth it to get another gold teeth? 

There are a million questions and for most part of my life or you can even put as my motto "fuck it, just fuck this shit and do it" 

Of course it doesn't mean I dont think it thoroughly but I am guessing that It is not harmful to get another slice of pizza or texting him first to say Hi. 

This however does not apply to subtances. ok? I am lucky I surrounded by ppl who are not
too much fucked up in their head about substances. 

In dating, I've always been the one who initiate first and if I feel the guy is  running cold, I would run the other way. It does somehow looks like I am giving up but the truth is, I initiate first because I want to let the guy know I am interested and let him lead the dance if he wants.  

Only recently I feel I play hard to get, not because I want to but my
work schedule is a bit inconvenient. lol.  Does it work? Does the guy feel
I am worth the wait? Who knows and I should care less. 

The most important thing is, I would have fun whomever I am with. So, Just fuck it and do it if it makes you happy. For me it is worse to feel What If's.  But of course, this comes with experience. 

So keep telling yourself, Does it Worth it? 

Love, SS

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