Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In The Name Of The Meat

Do you wait? Do you not wait? Does it matter if you believe in fate and trust that if you wait for the right person will come along or do you go meet a whole lot of people and choose the best of them like buying a meat. 

A meat. I heard that words describing girls before when I was in Finland. My then boyfriend told me girls at the club and guys who preying on them are looking for “meat”, of course I am sure “meat” is reference for sex or hooking up.  

Biologically, we are a meat. Theoretically, we think are too much as a superior, we lose the track of being actual human. 

Do you wait for a connection? Do I wait? No, I just fly higher. Does it make me less a women? I am a hedonist. I believe happiness & pleasure are truly the best to live. Still, does it mean I am value less in the eyes of man? Probably. Does it matter? No, cause I want to make myself happy, my body happy thus create a happy vibes around me. 

As far I am concern after being 30, it is not my job to fix people, making men happy 24x7. From this moment, I’m making myself happy. I AM.

 Love, SS

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