Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Like No Other

Its Friday and not any other Friday. It's 13th of the month and it is Friday the 13th. 

Thanks to Jason, we are programmed  to fear Friday the 13th.. perhaps to think he would come behind you with an axe but then again, he wouldnt come to Malaysia , too hot here and he might hang out at the beach than suburb. 

Talked about Villian, Freddy Krueger take the spot in my fear list. Come on, killing ppl in their sleep?! Seriously?! I love sleeping...  ugh! Stress. 

Does fear keeps holding you or motivate you? I wonder that myself often but then again my motto is "fuck this. Just do it" so as you can see, I'll prefer to regret it later. 

Fear also keeps you safe. Safe from creepy guy that potentially stalk you and while you on a date. For instance,
while you guys are talking, your fear is trigger and think "there's something wrong with this guy, and my guts say "Run"" so you ran and after while you think back, "oh probably I am just not into him". aha! ok ok! I just kidding. sheesh chillax. 

On serious note, we need fear in life.
It does keep you safe and motivate to some extend. Just be smart of which fear worth fighting for and to let go. 

If the fear of losing a guy in your mind bugs the hell of you, probably the best thing is to let him go. Attachment is dangerous in my case, it paralysed me. 

Opps too deep now. Get out of here. 


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